Saturday, August 12th & Sunday, August 13,

How much cash is in your attic?

Gather your unwanted furniture, clothes, art, household items and register to have your address included in our neighborhood- wide Attic/Garage/Yard Sale! Hundreds of eager buyers attend every year and with the use of social media we can reach even more.

The plan

We have made it easy to sign up, but here are a few things to remember when participating:

  1. It is EXTREMELY important that all participants have at least 50% of there merchandise on display and ready to be sold by 9:00am. For this event we are more than just vendors - we are ambassadors for Boston-Edison. Not only do we represent our individual households, but we are representing the goodwill and professionalism of our entire neighborhood. When we invite guests to come and shop our wares we have a responsibility to start at the advertised time. Many drive a long way to get a "first crack" at the items, so you need to open on time at 9:00am and be ready to do business.
  2. Please pick-up your Attic Sale Kit from 150 Longfellow between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on either Thursday (Aug 10th) or Friday (Aug 11th). The Kit will include: one lawn sign, maps, and a mylar balloon.
  3. Remember to HAVE FUN! Play music, offer cold water, and talk with your customers!

For additional information, call Larry Gaines at (313) 613-9279, email, or email Pierre Haden at

Registration and Payment

If you would like to sell items, you need to register. Your registration fee covers the cost of signs, copies of the maps with the participating homes listed, and other promotional activities/advertising for this event. Please be fair to your neighbors and officially register. As a nonprofit organization, we need to at least break even on this effort. This is only possible with registration from all participants.

Registration fees are as follows:

  1. Before July 24: HBEA Dues-Paid Members $15 or Early Bird $20
  2. After July 24 through Aug 4: $25

If you miss the August 4th deadline, contact Larry to make arrangements.

Step 1: Register

To sign up for the Attic Sale, either

Step 2: Payment

Payment options
Your name
Street address of the sale