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Are you selling a home in the Boston-Edison Historic District? Contact HBEA to list it on our website.

Boston-Edison has it all: great homes, great location, and great people. If your dream is to own an historic home, whether to live in or to renovate, this is an opportune time to buy. Houses are available in all areas of the historic district, in all sizes and styles, and in a wide range of prices. Some houses are in move-in condition. Others need owners committed to renovating them and bringing them up to their potential.

The Historic Boston-Edison District has many opportunities for new residents in all income brackets. The homes currently for sale in the neighborhood are listed here. If you have questions about the neighborhood, you might find the answers in our Boston-Edison FAQ. If not, don't hesitate to contact us and ask. We hope to see you move in soon!

1971 Chicago

MLS214100621, $250,000
20th Century Real Estate
Office: (313)884-4500

1715 Chicago

MLS215022582, $169,900
Michael Group Realty Llc
Office: (313)533-5819

2275 Chicago

MLS215021691, $140,000
Premiere Realty Group LLC
Office: (734)676-6833
Former home of John Ballantyne

1682 Longfellow

MLS215014526, $139,900
Michael Group Realty Llc
Office: (313)533-5819

2454 W. Boston

MLS215022231, $129,900
Michael Group Realty Llc
Office: (313)533-5819

1686 Chicago

MLS215011769, $83,000
Bhm Properties & Investments Inc
Office: (248)719-8948

909 Edison

MLS215017816, $68,000
Early Realty
Office: (248)251-0022

2516 Longfellow

MLS215017816, $64,900
S & W Real Estate Services
Office: (248)475-0355

2515 W. Boston

MLS215022237, $44,799
Michael Group Realty Llc
Office: (313)533-5819

2509 Longfellow

MLS215026958, $19,900
Elite Realty
Office: (734)513-2166

874 Edison

Auction - April 14
Last Bid Real Estate
Tel: (248)320-7741
Former home of Harry G. Diefendorf

Prices and availability may change.

Last updated: March 29.

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