Interior Lighting for Greater Security

A dark house says, "no one is at home."

THE GOAL: To make your home look like someone is at home after dark.

WHAT TO DO: Have lights go on and go off throughout the house to look like someone is at home and moving around.

HOW: Use electric or electronic timers to switch lights on and off.


Use fluorescent bulbs:
Same light, less electricity.
Same money, more light.
These bulbs cost more to buy, but the electricity savings repay the extra cost many times over.

Timers simply plug into your outlets, and you plug your lamps into them. You can set the times for lights to turn on and turn off.

Simple timers are inexpensive ($5-$15). There are two kinds of timers.

  1. The cheaper timers are mechanical and have clock motors.
  2. Digital timers are more expensive, but more accurate.

You can buy timers at lots of stores.

There are more complicated timers that control overhead lights or that connect to the power box in a home to control lights throughout the house. Some of these kinds of timers might be useful for controlling exterior lights.



Whatever interior lights are turned on for security purposes, they must be visible from outside in order to be effective. Bad guys have to see the lights.

We're Home!

The trick is to set timers to make it look like someone is at home and moving around.

Different families have different patterns, naturally, so each family can set its own pattern of lights according to its activities.

All Night?

Many people leave a light on all night in a conspicuous place, such as a bathroom or hallway. Some leave them on 24/7. Inside and outside.

Radios or TV

Some Problems to Avoid

Prevent This: No one should be able to see into your house. If they can, interior lights make it better for them!!