Is Your Home Secure?

A Quiz


For each of the following questions, for Yes or Always, give yourself 10 points for Sometimes, give yourself 5 points for No or Never thought about it, 0 points


1. I turn on my front porch light at night. _____
2.I turn on a light in the back of my house at night. _____
3.I keep at least one light on all night in my house. _____
4.My first floor windows are closed and locked securely at night and when I am away from home. _____
5.I do not keep power tools in my garage. _____
6.I keep my garage locked. _____
7.My garage alley windows are boarded or barred. _____
8.I park my car far back in my driveway. _____
9.I park my car in my garage. _____
10.I never leave inviting items in my car. (cell phones, CDs, bags, etc.) _____
11.I do not park my car on the street overnight. _____
12.I have a gate across my driveway. _____
13.My front door is secured with a deadbolt lock. _____
14.My rear door is secured with a deadbolt lock. _____
15.My side door is secured with a deadbolt lock. _____
16.My basement door is secured with a deadbolt lock. _____
17.I keep the sales circulars and newspapers picked up around my home. _____
18.My home looks like I am there and that I care. _____
19.The shrubs and trees in front of my home are not overgrown. They do not provide a hiding place for wannabe criminals. _____
20.I report all my losses to 311. _____
21.I report suspicious, ongoing activity to 911. _____
22.I know both of my neighbors on either side. _____
23.I know my neighbors across the street. _____
24.I watch out for my neighbors' house and cars. _____
25.My basement windows are barred and locked. _____
26.My coal chute is secure. _____
27.I have a security alarm on my home. _____
28.I set the alarm at night and when I am not at home. _____
29.My alarm system is monitored by a service. _____
30.I have put identification (address, phone number, driver's license number; NOT your social security number) on my power tools, lawnmower, snow blower, etc. _____