Cars, Cars, Cars

Breaking and entering vehicles is the most difficult crime to catch the perpetrators. There are many ways you can protect your cars.


Police cannot protect cars on the street. The best way to protect your car is to park off the street.

YOUR GARAGE is best! Use it! If you can't use your garage, repair or replace it. In the meantime, park in the backyard or driveway.

More ways to protect your car:

Locking Devices

It takes 20 seconds to remove a catalytic converter with a cordless saw. It takes only a minute to remove a wheel and tire. For more security, get:

Note: The manufacturers listed above are given only as examples for comparison purposes. HBEA is not specifically endorsing these manufacturers.

Garage parking

Garages must be well-secured.

Good garages are a good security investment.

If your garage is beyond hope, replace it.