Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Homestead Exemption

The Boston-Edison Historic District has been designated a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Homestead area. Under the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone plan, residents who have moved into the Boston-Edison Historic District after December 31, 1997, may be eligible for a Homestead Exemption which will reduce property taxes up to 35%. To obtain the credit, residents must apply for the exemption, and are required to sign an affidavit stating they plan to make a minumum investment of $500 in the property after the date of issue.

To receive this exemption, residents must:

You must apply between April 1 and October 1. Exemption affadavits received later will be processed for later tax years.

At the City of Detroit Assessor's Office, be prepared to discuss the condition and functionality of the home.

For further questions, read this FAQ from the Assessor's Office, or contact the City of Detroit Assessor's Office at (313) 224-3011.