Special Assessment district (S.A.D.) information

In 2018 the Historic Boston-Edison Association (HBEA) formed an ad-hoc committee with the purpose of educating and surveying property owners about an opportunity to become a Special Assessment District (S.A.D.)

What is a Special Assessment District?

It is a Special Assessment for Snow Removal, Mosquito Abatement, and Security Services, residents can vote to be designated as such for an additional tax added to the property owners Summer Property Tax Bill.

Additional information regarding the ordinance can be found here.

The goals of the committee:

  1. To ensure property owners will have the opportunity to make informed decisions and vote.
  2. Provide information packets explaining how a S.A.D may impact their quality of life and pocketbooks.
  3. Ensure that the process to obtain the results of the survey is transparent and understandable.

This can only be accomplished if every property owner is involved and participates in the survey and the voting process.

Upcoming Meetings:

Community meetings will be held, offering the Boston-Edison property owners the opportunity to ask questions, and allow the committee to provide additional information and address their concerns. The meetings will be held at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary (2701 Chicago Blvd) with refreshments provided on the following dates and times:

A survey will be conducted to assess the desire to become or not become a Special Assessment District

A survey will be mailed and available online on or before March 1, 2020.

  • Sign-up sheets will be available at the community meetings for property owners to indicate how they prefer to receive the survey.
  • The survey will be conducted through the month of March, with the results being tallied after March 31, 2020, on a date to be set by the HBEA board.
  • In addition to the survey, information packets will be available at the HBEA General meeting on March 18, 2020.

The HBEA board and the S.A.D. Ad Hoc committee are committed to transparency.


    • All district residents receive the contracted services
    • Additional security provided
    • Sidewalks and curbed to curbed snow removal
    • Continuity of services throughout the district
    • Provides services for those who prefer not to or who are unable to perform the services themselves
    • Property owner willing and able to incur additional tax
    • The City accounts for all of the property owner’s assessment fees/taxes


    • The Special Assessment Tax is not tax deductible; it will appear on the Summer Tax Bill
    • The City can foreclose on the property if Special Assessment Tax is not paid
    • No discount received on homeowners’ insurance policy
    • City not accountable for contracted services
    • Property owners have invested in security systems and equipment
    • Owners have invested in snow removal equipment
    • Some property owners are unable or unwilling to incur additional tax

    Click here to download the information flyer.

    Contact Special Assessment District (SAD) Ad Hoc Committee at Debora Copeland at dcopeland@historicbostonedison.org or 313-454-6860


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