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Holiday Joy

Thursday, November 02, 2023 9:55 PM | Helen Gales (Administrator)

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The Chicago Lodgers want to make Thanksgiving a day of celebration for all Boston-Edison families.  Our hearts go out to families struggling with food insecurity since holiday celebrations require food.  As the holiday season draws near, the Chicago Lodgers begin to plan for a “New Holiday Tradition”: distributing Holiday Boxes to families in need.

Chicago Lodgers need your help to identify families that need a Thanksgiving food box.  We also open our new holiday tradition to any Boston-Edison family or block club that is interested in joining us.  The Chicago Lodgers block club is donating turkey, interested families are donating $50 toward the food, and some families will bake holiday cookies.  Once the boxes are created, each donating household will personally deliver the box on an agreed upon November date, just before Thanksgiving.

Contact Deborah Mohney 248-840-5161, with names of families interested in participating and families needing a holiday celebration box.  Thank you for helping the Chicago Lodgers start a new holiday tradition.

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