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To find contractors who work in the area, Brick + Beam Detroit curates an extensive list of local contractors with an eye to those who have experience in historic renovation. These contractors include, but are not limited to, recommendations listed in Brick + Beam’s Q&A forum, contractors from other Detroit neighborhood lists, and instructors of Brick + Beam Detroit classes and workshops. Neither Brick + Beam nor HBEA endorses any of these businesses or guarantee their work.

Boston-Edison residents may consider soliciting recommendations from neighbors online. Boston-Edison residents are connected on Facebook, in the private "Boston-Edison Residents" group and on Nextdoor, which has members from Boston-Edison and other Detroit neighborhoods.

Note that neither the Detroit Historic District Commission nor the Historic Boston-Edison Association approves or requires approval of contractors. You can use any contractor you wish, or do the work yourself. Residents are urged to use reputable contractors at all times as a way to promote preservation. 

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