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For residents of Boston-Edison: your guide on where to find information and resources about the neighborhood and the city.

Around the Neighborhood

HBEA: Learn about the Historic Boston-Edison Association, and find out what your dues do.

Events: What's happening in the neighborhood.

Contact HBEA: By phone or email.

Around the City

Detroit-Wayne County Directory: Links and how-to guides for the most popular services in Detroit and Wayne County.

Trash, Waste, & Recycling:

Neighborhood Trash Pickup Schedule: A quick guide to the city of Detroit's trash pick-up schedule. To sign up for text message reminders from the city the evening before each pickup day, text your street address to 313-800-7905. 

Bulk Trash v. Yard Waste: Which is which, and what are the rules? Plus: More about yard waste, and items that can't be picked up at curbside.

Recycling in Detroit: Interested in recycling? This tells you where, when, and how.

Donating a Used or Junk Car: If you have a used or junk car that you would like to get rid of, consider donating it to a charity.

Insurance and Property Taxes:

Assessments and Property Tax: A primer on how assessments and taxes work.

Neighborhood Enterprise Zone Homestead Exemption: If you've moved into Boston-Edison recently, you may be eligible for a Homestead Exemption property tax reduction.

Appealing Property Tax Assessments: If you think to make a case to that your property tax assessment is too high, here's a step-by-step process for making your case.

Financial Help with your Property Tax: Programs from the city of Detroit.

Home Repair & Preservation:

More Historic Preservation Information: A wealth of detailed information, guides, how-to instructions, and links for specific restoration projects.

Contractor List: List of contractors recommended by neighbors who participated in the latest HBEA Home Preservation Fair.

Historic District Designation = Money in Your Pocket: The value of living in a Historic District: enforcing historic standards increases everyone's property values.

Financial Help with Your Home: Programs from the city of Detroit.

City Zoning & Property Ordinances:

More Zoning and Ordinance Information: More information, forms, and guides on city-wide historic and zoning ordinances.

Forms from BSE&ED: The Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department has their forms accessible online. The department also has information on property maintenance requirement online.

Home Occupations and Offices: R-1 zoning prohibits homes from being used as a place of business, but does allow small home offices.

Restrictions on Parking: R-1 zoning limits what types of vehicles are allowed in the neighborhood and where they can be parked.


More Security Information: More information and guides on how to keep you and your home safe and secure.

State Guides:

State of Michigan Online Services: Find Michigan services and resources available online.

Consumer Protection Guide: Consumer rights in many transactions, including home loans.

Taxpayer Guide: Michigan income and property tax guide.

Services for Seniors: Michigan programs designed to help senior citizens. Also see Legal Rights for Seniors.

Veteran's Benefits: Services and benefits for military veterans.


Schools near Boston-EdisonExcellent Schools Detroit and their partner site, Great Schools in Detroit, has identified excellent schools, both public and private, all over Detroit.


Research Your Home's History: Want to know more about your home and who lived there? See this guide on how to find out.

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