Schools Serving Boston-Edison

The involved parent living in Boston-Edison has many choices of schools for their children. Excellent Schools Detroit, a private nonprofit organization whose aim is to develop good schools in Detroit, has identified excellent schools, both public and private, all over Detroit. Their partner site, Great Schools in Detroit, provides more information about all Detroit schools, including informal parent reviews.

Many of Detroit's great schools are within easy reach of the Boston-Edison neighborhood.

Detroit Public Schools

The Detroit Public Schools has instituted an "Open Enrollment" program, where parents can enroll their children in schools all over the city, some with specific themes and emphases. Both K-8 and high schools are included in the Open Enrollment program; a list of all Detroit Public Schools can be found in on the DPS website. Some of the best schools in Detroit, as recognized by Excellent Schools Detroit, are DPS schools near the Boston-Edison neighborhood. In addition to Thirkell Elementary, these include:

Wayne County Schools of Choice

Many of the school districts in Wayne County operate as Schools of Choice, allowing nonresident Wayne County students (including those from Detroit) to enroll in their district. Wayne County's intermediate district, the Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) lists districts offering schools of choice on their Districts page. Most of these districts are some distance from Boston-Edison, although the Hamtramck Public Schools are located only a mile from the neighborhood.

Charter Schools

Detroit is also home to some excellent charter schools, many of which have also been recognized by Excellent Schools Detroit. Charter schools are open enrollment. Those that are conveniently close to Boston-Edison include:

Private Schools

Detroit is also home to some excellent private schools. Some of those close to Boston-Edison include:

Deciding on a School

The schools above are not an exhaustive list of the good schools in Detroit recognized by Excellent Schools Detroit or Great Schools. As anywhere, the "best" school for a family will depend on the wants and needs of the child and parents. Both  Excellent Schools Detroit and Great Schools in Detroit can help with the process of choosing a school, as well as school report cards, the Parent Dashboard, and statistics from the state of Michigan and school information from the US Dept. of Education.


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