Boston-Edison is split into three zones: Zone A (Woodward to Hamilton), Zone B (Hamilton to Rosa Parks) and Zone C (Rosa Parks to Linwood). There are fifteen Directors of the Historic Boston-Edison Association; five live in each of these three zones. In each zone, one Director is At-Large and one Director lives on each of Edison, Longfellow, Chicago and West Boston.

Directors are elected for three-year terms. Zone C directors are elected in 2009 and every three years thereafter; Zone A directors are elected in 2010 and every three years thereafter; Zone B directors are elected in 2011 and every three years thereafter. Nominations open months prior to the May election.

Zone A (Woodward-Hamilton)

Edison | Patti Jernigan
Longfellow | Karen Seaman
Chicago Blvd. | Cole Allen
W. Boston Blvd. | Raymond Landsberg
At Large | Patricia Pickett

Zone B (Hamilton-Rosa Parks)

Edison | Vacant
Longfellow | Vacant
Chicago Blvd. | Dianne Bostic Robinson
W. Boston Blvd. | Vacant
At Large | Sandra Davis

Zone C (Rosa Parks-Linwood)

Edison | Mike Morgan
Longfellow | Tina Patterson
Chicago Blvd. | Pierre Haden
W. Boston Blvd. | Michael Mowers
At Large | Vacant


President | Dianne Bostic Robinson
First Vice President | Michael Mowers
Second Vice President | Sandra Davis
Treasurer | Raymond Landsberg
Assistant Treasurer | Mary Konopka
Secretary | Tina Patterson
Executive Secretary | Marilyn Mitchell

Board Committee Chairs

Beautification | Kimberly Williamson
Finance | Monique Stanton & Raymond Landsberg
Fund Development | Pamela Miller Malone
Holiday Home Tour | Karen Seaman
Sounds of Music | Michelle May
Membership | Tina Patterson & Raymond Landsberg
Public Relations | Karen Seaman & Greg Sikora Mowers
Security | Michael Mowers
Zoning | Patti Jernigan




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