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At the Annual Meeting on May 26, 2021 your Historic Boston-Edison Association (HBEA) will hold elections for Board of Directors positions. 

Per the Association Bylaws Director’s positions are open to all Active Members, “in good standing” who meet the following criteria:

  1. At least eighteen (18) years of age or older
  2. Minimum one (1) year residency in the City of Detroit, in the Boston-Edison Historic District and the State of Michigan by holding and producing valid government-issued identification
  3. Prior demonstration of interests in the HBEA through involvement in HBEA meetings, committees or other neighborhood activities

historic boston-edison district zones

Boston-Edison is split into three zones: Zone A (Woodward to Hamilton), Zone B (Hamilton to Rosa Parks) and Zone C (Rosa Parks to Linwood). There are fifteen Directors of the Historic-Boston Association: one from each street Edison, Longfellow, Chicago Blvd, W Boston Blvd. and one At-Large Position to represent that portion of the district. Directors are elected for three-year terms.

Board Members

Zone A (Woodward-Hamilton)

W. Boston Blvd. Ekundayo Ojumu

Chicago Blvd. | Katherine Allen

Longfellow | Patricia Pickett

Edison Jack Raab
At Large | 
Gaye Butler

Zone B (Hamilton-Rosa Parks)

W. Boston Blvd. | Erik Hill

Chicago Blvd. | Dianne Bostic Robinson

Longfellow | Vacant

Edison | Byron Osbern
At Large | Deniera Davis

Zone C (Rosa Parks-Linwood)

W. Boston Blvd. | Fatoumata Cissoko-Willis

Chicago Blvd. | Pierre Haden

Longfellow | Gregory Montgomery

Edison | Antonio Valenti
At Large | Helen Gales

Officers (2021-2022)

President | Dianne Bostic Robinson
First Vice President | Pierre Haden
Second Vice President | Patricia Pickett
Treasurer | Katherine Allen
Secretary | Deniera Davis
Assistant Treasurer | Mary Konopka

Board Committee Chairs


Jack Raab, Chair; Dianne Bostic Robinson, Vice Chair


Dianne Bostic Robinson, Chair; Katherine Allen, Treasurer

Fund Development Dianne Bostic Robinson, Chair
Public Relations
Public Safety and Zoning

Fatoumata Cissoko-Willis, Chair; Deniera Davis, Vice Chair
Helen Gales, Chair; Steve St. Germain, Vice Chair; Deniera Davis, Vice Chair
Pierre Haden, Chair; Gregory Montgomery, Public Safety Vice Chair; Jeremy Brockman, Zoning Vice Chair; 


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