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Move to Boston-edison

Why move to Boston-Edison?

There are plenty of reasons to move to Boston-Edison, no matter who you are.

But I heard...

You might hesitate. Here's why you shouldn't.

  • Aren't houses expensive? Not necessarily. There are a range of home prices. For a list of most homes currently for sale in the district, check out our Homes For Sale section.
  • Don't these houses need a lot of repairs? Again, not necessarily. Some homes need renovation, but some are in move-in condition. See the Homes For Sale section.
  • Aren't property taxes high? Taxes in Detroit are ordinarily about 67 mills. However, for new residents, the rate can be reduced up to 35% through the Neighborhood Enterprise Zone initiative. In addition, the trade-off for higher taxes is that, in Boston-Edison, the market values of homes are lower than for smaller homes outside Detroit.
  • Doesn't it cost a fortune to heat those houses? Utility costs, especially heating bills, naturally are higher for the large homes in Boston-Edison than for smaller homes. The trade-off for higher utility costs is that, in Boston-Edison, the market values of large houses are lower than the prices of smaller homes outside Detroit.
  • Are there good schools in Detroit? For involved parents, good schools are easy to find. Here's a list of institutions identified by the Skillman Foundation as "good schools."
  • Is there any shopping near Boston-Edison? Boston-Edison is one mile north of the  New Center and its retail area, and two miles north of Wayne State University and Midtown Detroit with a collection of shopping and eating. In addition, downtown Hamtramck (and its shopping district) is only a mile east of Boston-Edison.
  • Isn't crime high? Crime in Boston-Edison is limited to property crime; much of which can be avoided by taking reasonable precautions. The neighborhood also has a security patrol.
Why move to Boston-Edison? Why not?

If you have questions, contact the Historic Boston-Edison Association by email, phone, or USPS, and ask us!

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