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how to appeal your property tax assessment

A Lower Property Tax Assessment Means a Lower Tax Bill

Many Boston-Edison residents have homes whose assessed value is greater than current sale prices. If you are one of these residents, you may want to make a case to the City Assessor that your property tax assessment is too high. If you appeal successfully and get a lower City assessment on your house, you may (depending on your Proposition A status) reduce your property tax bill from the City and the County.

The process of appealing is very precise, must be followed to the letter, and takes time. The City is very quick to find any technicality on which to throw out an appeal. Also, a key element of an appeal is actual information on recent sales prices of houses like yours. 

A step-by-step overview of how the assessment process works, how you can appeal your assessment, and how HBEA can help you, is given in the section below.

Some additional information can be found on the city's Assessment Division website and in this information packet for taxpayers.

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