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When to Appeal


It is important to submit your appeal as soon as possible.

Filing an appeal in this period "is required to protect your right to appear before the March Board of Review." Then, you have to protest at the March Board of Review in order "to protect your right for further appeals to the Michigan State Tax Commission." (Language quoted from the "Notice.")

Here is what this means. 

  • Step One. You appeal to the Assessors Review. 

    Your appeal likely will be denied, because the City seems routinely to deny nearly all appeals.

  • Step Two. If (when) you are denied, appeal to the March Board of Review.

    Since this still is the City, expect to be denied. Hearings are scheduled from March 5 through April 5.

  • Step Three. Finally, appeal to the Michigan State Tax Commission. 

    This is where you have the best chance. The Commission seems willing to actually make decisions. 
    The deadline for filing is June 30. You will get further instructions.
    The Commission is scheduled to meet July 20 and December 14. 


You must follow the procedure carefully and exactly. If you miss either step one or step two, you are precluded from going to the State Tax Commission. You must be patient and persistent. This process may take many months.

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