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Parking Restrictions in Boston-Edison

The city of Detroit zoning ordinances limit what can be done in residential districts (like Boston-Edison) to prevent blight and keep the neighborhood attractive. These zoning ordinances include restrictions on where vehicles can be parked and stored in Boston-Edison.

Privately Owned Passenger Vehicles

Privately owned passenger vehicles can be parked on the street, or on private property subject to the following restrictions:

  • Vehicles must be operable.
  • Vehicles on private property must be parked in a garage, on a paved driveway, or on paved parking areas located in the rear yard.
  • Vehicles may not be parked on lawns or other unpaved areas.
  • Vehicles parked in the driveway may be parked in the rear, side, or front yard, but may not overhang the sidewalk or street.

Residents considering constructing, expanding, or replacing driveways or parking areas should remember that these are regulated in size and placement, and any work done must be approved by the Detroit Historic District Commission.

Inoperable Vehicles and Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicles that are inoperable may not be parked or stored anywhere in Boston-Edison. Repairing vehicles is allowed, as long as:

  • The vehicle repair is done privately, and not as a business venture,
  • The vehicle is located in a garage or the rear yard (repairs are prohibited in the front yard, side yard, or the street).
  • Any vehicles located outside of garages may not remain disassembled for more than two weeks.

Recreational Vehicles and Equipment

Recreational vehicles (RVs) and equipment (such as boats, snowmobiles, and the like) may be parked in the neighborhood. However, the regulations are more restrictive than those on personal passenger vehicles.

  • Any RV or recreational equipment parked in the neighborhood must be properly registered and licensed according to the state of Michigan requirements.
  • Parking or storage of RVs or equipment is allowed in a garage or in the rear yard, as long as it is on a paved area located no closer than three feet from the property line.
  • RVs may not be parked in the street or side driveway. However, temporary parking (under 24 hours) in the street or driveway is allowed for the purpose of loading or unloading.
  • RVs may not be used as living quarters.
  • No more than one RV or boat is allowed on a single lot.

Commercial Vehicles

“Commercial vehicles” fall into two categories:

  1. Pickup trucks, vans or passenger vehicles that have been substantially modified (for example, with the attachment of a cherry picker or hoist) and all other larger commercial vehicles. These commercial vehicles may not be stored or parked on a residential street, or anywhere on private property, unless the vehicle’s operator is engaged in providing a commercial service at the time, or loading/unloading the vehicle.
  2. Pickup trucks, vans or passenger vehicles that have not been substantially modified (i.e., they “look like” personal vehicles). These vehicles are treated like privately owned passenger vehicles, and have no further restrictions on parking.
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