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Our very popular neighborhood-wide Attic Sale is here! The sale will be held THIS WEEKEND on Saturday, August 12 from 9 am to 5 pm.

The HBEA Attic Sale draws thousands of visitors to shop throughout Boston-Edison. There will be antiques, furniture (vintage and new), books, appliances, tools, paintings, clothing and much more all spread out over the 36 blocks of beautiful Boston-Edison, as well some of our neighboring streets.

In 2023 already we've seen over 1K people interested in attending on our Attic Sale event online and have over 75 homes signed up to participate in selling!

Pick up printed maps at our Attic Sale Welcome Center!


Our welcome center is located at 1555 Chicago Blvd and will serve as a good starting point for your GPS to get you near the heart of our neighborhood. Due to the large footprint of our sale, with 75+ homes participating and spanning 36 blocks for those looking to visit multiple homes it is often not possible to see everything by simply walking.

CAR PARKING: All Boston-Edison streets have free public parking. So please feel free to scout out the best spots (that are not blocking resident driveways) and park there! Just be kind to other drivers as the streets can get busy in front of the bigger sales. It is recommended to find a clear area to park near a group of homes and walk among them.

BIKING: A great (efficient) option for those nearby is to ride a bike around from sale to sale. Common bike routes into the neighborhood from the North and South directions are through Rosa Parks Blvd or Hamilton Ave.

Note: We are again working very hard to ensure that participating homes will have merchandise out by 9 am. Please note that some homes may choose not to do so for reasons beyond our control (such as weather delays, personal circumstances, etc). We will do our best to make sure our map of participating homes is accurate, but homeowners reserve the right to make any last-minute changes.


Each year, many hundreds of visitors walk our neighborhood and post about the great bargains that were found--and do a wonderful job of sharing our event page spreading the word to thousands of people!

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