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The homes on the tour: A preview

Saturday, December 13, 2008 4:00 PM | Michael Mowers

Cassandra Spratling, Detroit Free Press, December 13, 2008
(A preview of the 2008 Holiday Home Tour)

[An excerpt of what not to miss for each of the five homes.]

Don't miss [House A]: Pewabic tile that leads from the sidewalk to the commanding entryway; floor-to-ceiling Pewabic tile in the master bath; pantry that the owner himself marvelously updated to show off gorgeous cabinetry.

Don't miss [House B]: Strong Tudor elements include the rather massive parapet of the porch and the label-style limestone lintels above the three double-paneled first-floor windows. The game room on the first floor features a variety of unique artifacts.

Don't miss [House C]: Ornamental wrought-iron balconies and the central second-story ribbon window. A solarium off the foyer of the first floor features a Pewabic tile fountain.

Don't miss [House D]: Two-story, side-gabled with a symmetrical facade, end-placed chimney, and stucco exterior. Also, original medallions on the corners of the doors and windows throughout the house.

Don't miss [House E]: The modernized kitchen updated to suit the needs of the owner, who is a professional chef; The marble top of the kitchen island is from the wall of the downtown J.L. Hudson men's room. The front door surround is of rough-cut limestone in irregular sizes. A similar stone ornamentation is used in the arch of the side porch and at foundation corners.

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