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Henry Ford's Detroit Neighborhood Tries Hard to Keep Up Appearances

Thursday, September 11, 2008 4:12 PM | Deleted user

James R. Hagerty, The Wall Street Journal, September 11, 2008
(Boston-Edison and selling homes)

The foreclosure crisis has come as a sucker punch to thousands of neighborhoods across the U.S., from desolate cul-de-sacs in Las Vegas to thickets of mostly empty condo towers in South Florida. What's unusual about Boston-Edison is that the residents who remain are fighting back.

Organized by an 87-year-old neighborhood association, some do unpaid duty mowing lawns, trimming hedges and picking up litter outside vacant houses. Others park their cars in the driveways of empty houses to make them appear to be lived in. The association's Web site promotes mansions in need of new owners.

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