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lights on!
all night  • every night  • everyone

Criminals love the dark. Police say lights are a great deterrent. Light up the night!


Keep your porch light on.


Turn on lights in your back yard or alley.
The Police recommend motion detectors that startle intruders.


NEVER leave your house dark!
Keep a light on all the time, even at night when you are home.
Use light timers. Stagger timers during the day and night.
Click here for more information on interior lighting security!


When everyone on a block leaves lights on all night every night, this sends a signal to criminals that this block has pride and this block is watching.

Lights On!

Turn on your lights! Keep your property well lit and bright. This is the most important thing you can do for your own security. 

  • Front and rear porch lights. Turn them on every night. Keep them on all night. When the streetlights are not working, this is even more critical. 
  • If you leave home for the evening, turn on at least one interior light. 
    Hint: turn on a light in a room where no one can see in from outside.
    Hint: don't always turn on the same one! 
  • Even better, put some lamps on timers. Time them differently. This is especially helpful when you leave on a trip.
  • Install and use exterior lights. Light your driveway or alley. Light dark areas around your house.
  • Install motion sensor lights that turn on when there is movement in your driveway or yard. The lights startle intruders. These lights are inexpensive. Putting these lights over garage doors is an excellent deterrent.
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