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report all crimes

Call 911

Call 911 for any problem "in progress."

We all know to call 911 for any emergency that needs immediate police intervention. 

Also call 911 to report any suspicious activity that still is going on. 

  • Suspicious persons walking around the neighborhood.
  • Suspicious vehicles that are driving around.
  • Gunshots heard in the neighborhood.

Call the Police Crime Unit!

Call the Police Crime Unit for everything else. The Police Crime Unit has recently established a dedicated line for crime reporting. Call (313) 267-4600 to report crimes that have occurred and get your incident report ID. This new number replaces reporting via 311 Detroit City Hall. Don't call 911 to report a crime that is over. 

Now you can report crimes by phone. Just call (313) 267-4600. It's easy! Call to:

  • Report stolen property.
  • Report theft from home, garage, or yard.
  • Report stolen license plates.
  • Report car-break-ins.
  • Report stolen vehicles.
  • Report any problem that is not going on right now.

If the Police don't know about crimes in our area, then they won't assign officers to catch the thieves. You have to report ALL crimes so the Police know. Calls to the Police Crime Unit go into a computer tracking system that gives the police the information they need to help us help ourselves.

Always Call! More Calls, More Attention!

The police want you to call about anything that disturbs you and makes you feel unsafe. Our reporting helps police track crime patterns. They assign police to areas with more calls.

Use the Boston-Edison Hotline

If you are a victim of a crime within the last 12 months, we want to hear from you.


Call law enforcement FIRST for a crime in process or to report suspicious activity.

We will use the BE hotline as a way to chronicle what is happening in our neighborhood and will share this with our Districts. The hotline is for Boston-Edison residents only. Leave only your name, address and phone number; a representative from the Security Committee will contact you regarding the details.

Boston-Edison Hotline Number: (313) 883-4360 and select option 2 for Security.


911 for Emergencies

(313) 267-4600 to Report Crime - get your incident report ID for crime tracking

Boston-Edison Hotline (313) 883-4360 (press 2 for Security)

Stolen Cars and Stolen Plate reports must be made directly at the Police Precinct.

Detroit Police District Phone Numbers:
Tenth Precinct (313) 596-1000 (12000 Livernois)

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