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"Best Practices" Community Forums and Practical Homeowner Workshops

  • Saturday, April 19, 2008
  • 1:30 PM
  • Sacred Heart Major Seminary


In partnership with

1:30 P.M.
Advocacy Efforts: A community forum designed to discuss effective best practices around how Detroit's historic districts may impact policies and regulations that most impact sustainability. Zoning, code enforcement, initiatives of the Detroit Historic District Commission
and the State Historic Preservation Office, etc. will be presented. Speakers: Mark Reynolds (Indian Village), Bryan Lijewski (State Historic Preservation Office) and Devan Anderson (Detroit Historic District Commission).

Community Beautification: A community forum designed to discuss effective best practices around organizing and mobilizing residents for comprehensive clean-up and beautification projects. Resident leaders of various districts will share their experiences of
maximizing the annual Detroit Motor City Make-Over spring clean-up as a catalyst for major community renewal. Also, representatives of the Greening of Detroit will share information pertaining to initiatives and options available to organized groups . Speakers: Ava Tinsley
(Boston Edison), Dolores Paskal (Indian Village); Ken Wolfe (Rosedale Park); Rebecca Salminen Witt (Greening of Detroit) and Anjene Cheeks Evans (Neighborhood City Hall-Northend).

Initiatives and Resources: A community forum designed to discuss and share news about existing and proposed initiatives and funding resources to support the attractiveness, viability and sustainability of Detroit's historic districts. This forum is designed to acquaint and
update attendees about such initiatives as the historic lighting plan, NEXT Detroit, LISC Neighborhoods Now and the Woodward Corridor plan and other projects. Speakers: Jim Hamilton, (Boston Edison); LaDonna Walker Little, (East Arden Park) and Deborah Younger, (Detroit LISC).

Unoccupied Homes: A community forum designed to discuss effective best practices around monitoring efforts, maintenance, real estate sale promotions and open houses. Rosedale Park, University District, the Villages and Boston Edison historic districts will share experiences and strategies to stabilize and maintain property values in their areas. Speakers: Marsha Bruhn (Rosedale Park); Sheu-Jane Gallagher, (The Villages); Brian Ceccon (Boston Edison) and Mary Jo Smith (University District).

How to Hire a Contractor?: Historic Boston Edison resident Dave Johnson, who has been successful in many "Do it Yourself" home restoration and repair projects will share his successes and failures in hiring contractors. To prevent contractor/homeowner headaches, Dave will share fundamental tips to consider when assessing who is the right person for the work to be performed on your home.

2:30 P.M.
Security: A community forum designed to discuss effective best practices around CB Patrols, private security patrols, Neighborhood Watch, and police and fire community relations efforts. The forum will examine what works for various areas and possible programs/projects to consider for other neighborhood groups. . Speakers: Victoria Koski (Historic Boston Edison, Zene Gibson (Historic Boston Edison) and Doug Way (Indian Village)

Insuring Your Historic Home: Market Value vs. Replacement
Value: Walter Gardner, owner of Gardner Insurance Agency, LLC--Farmers Insurance Group will share essential tips to consider when for ensuring that your historic home with all its historic amenities and special features are adequately covered. Does your premium reflect coverage for the current market value or the actual replacement cost of your property? Have you recently made updates or renovations? This workshop may send you scrambling to review the details of your insurance policy - and you should!

Estimate the True Value of Your Home: Research its History! A community forum designed to educate residents about the process and benefits of researching one's historic home. What nuances, architectural and design styles, flooring, tile, lighting fixtures, etc. were common at the time of construction? How do these factors impact the value today? Archive Media Partners will present "How to Find Historic Photographs and Owner Histories". Speakers: Janet Dawson (Boston Edison); Kim Schroeder (Archive Media Partners and Detroit Historic Neighborhoods Coalition) and Ellen Thackery (Historic Preservation Network)

It's Large and it's Old. How You Can Really Save on Heating and Cooling Your Historic Home?: George Highgate, Housing Inspector, Energy Educator at Detroit's WARM Training Center, a non-profit organization that provides exceptional technical assistance to homeowners and groups building housing in repairing and maintenance of their property. Don't let another winter or summer catch you unprepared. This workshop is for any energy conscious homeowner who knows there are hundreds of dollars to be

Window Replacement in Historic Homes: What's Up with Wood and Steel Replacement Windows? Jim Turner, owner of Turner Restoration will present timely information on the process involved with determining the best windows for your historic home for aesthetic as well as energy efficient reasons.

NOTE: Capacity is limited for all forums and workshops. Please pre-register by phoning the Boston Edison Hotline: 313. 883-4360 or email us at bostonedison@gmail.com.


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