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Zone A (Woodward-Hamilton)

Zone C (Rosa Parks-Linwood)

    Zone A (Woodward-Hamilton)

    • W. Boston Blvd. | Ekundayo Ojumu
    • Chicago Blvd. | Katherine Allen
    • Longfellow | Patricia Pickett
    • Edison | Jack Raab
    • At Large | Gaye Butler

    Zone C (Rosa Parks-Linwood)

    • W. Boston Blvd. | Fatoumata Cissoko-Willis
    • Chicago Blvd. | Pierre Haden
    • Longfellow | Gregory Montgomery
    • Edison | Antonio Valenti
    • At Large | Helen Gales

    Zone B (Hamilton- Rosa Parks)

    Officers (2022-2023)


    Boston-Edison is split into three zones: Zone A (Woodward to Hamilton), Zone B (Hamilton to Rosa Parks) and Zone C (Rosa Parks to Linwood).

    There are 15 Directors of the Historic-Boston Association. One from each street: Edison, Longfellow, Chicago Blvd, W Boston Blvd. and one At-Large Position to represent that portion of the district. Directors are elected for three-year terms.


    At the Annual Meeting on May 25, 2022 your Historic Boston-Edison Association (HBEA) held elections for Board of Directors positions. Per the Association Bylaws Director’s positions are open to all Active Members, “in good standing” who meet the following criteria:

    1. At least eighteen (18) years of age or older
    2. Minimum one (1) year residency in the City of Detroit, in the Boston-Edison Historic District and the State of Michigan by holding and producing valid government-issued identification
    3. Prior demonstration of interests in the HBEA through involvement in HBEA meetings, committees or other neighborhood activities

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