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Are you ready to move beyond loft living?

Living in a downtown loft or condo, one gets the convenience and the adventure of living in the city. Loft dwellers also experience the quality brick construction of old buildings and the sense of living in an historic building. But space is limited, both inside and out. And what if you have a dog? Wouldn't a yard be nice? And to top it off, lofts have that little extra: condo fees.

Move into Boston-Edison

With a house in Boston Edison, you can keep the convenience and adventure, plus gain an even greater sense of living in a high quality historic home. Boston-Edison is on the National Register of Historic Places, and offers spacious, well-constructed brick homes with a sense of history, all convenient to downtown Detroit. Plus, Boston-Edison has an organized neighborhood association for social activities and community involvement, and a private security patrol.

Do it now

Boston-Edison is a large neighborhood, offering affordable homes in a range of sizes and styles. Prices on these homes will only go up, so the time to buy is now. In addition, new buyers in Boston-Edison qualify for a Neighborhood Enterprise Zone property tax reduction that makes the neighborhood even more affordable.

Why Boston-Edison?

More of what you want, less of what you don't.

   Loft Space  Typical Neighborhoods
 Living in an historic place
 Convenient city location
 Quality construction
 On the National Register of Historic Places
 Spacious living area
 Yard space
 Easy to walk dog
 NO condo fees
 Organized neighborhood association
 Security patrol
 Great real estate bargains
 Large Neighborhood: range of homes available
 NEZ tax credit

Find out more
Interested in the Boston Edison Historic District? Read more about living in Boston-Edison and take a look at homes for sale in Boston-Edison right now! If you have any questions, contact the Historic Boston-Edison Association and ask!

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